During almost two decades with the Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy, Lynne Ruhl pioneered a relationship-based approach to athletic training that undergirded the success of 1996 Olympic Gold Medalists Amanda Borden and Jaycie Phelps, and three-time World Champion and 1992 Olympian Kim Zmeskal.

The Executive Coach for Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy Owner and two-time Olympic Coach Mary Lee Tracy, Lynne has become a popular speaker for businesses and non-profit organizations.  Lynne formed Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures in 2001 to cultivate work environments high in trust and respect.

In addition to her training, coaching, speaking and consulting, Lynne is co-author of Three Impossible Promises:  The Inspiring True Story of Olympic Gold and how Organizational Culture Means Everything (available at  Lynne lives out the belief that relational health is a cornerstone to productive work.

“Culture is to an organization what water is to a swimming pool. The employees will only stay healthy if the water is clean!”