Dr. Dan Snively, founder of The Lions Lead, has created an “operating system” that SKILLSOURCE® applies as our foundation for leadership development.  Distinguished by its focus on character qualities, behavior change, and leadership multiplication, The Lions Lead approach is practical and transferable.

Dan’s leadership tools are used extensively across the U.S. in Fortune 500, mid-market and emerging firms, as well as the non-profit sector.  Dan has authored a dozen multi-assessment reports and over 20 leadership instruments.  He is noted for leadership applications tailored to specific industry and business needs.

Dan blends the best of master practitioner and systems developer in leadership.  An executive for decades, and an advisor and coach to executives and senior leadership teams, Dan is a pioneer in leadership formation, a versatile resource to leaders nationwide, and a valuable strategic partner for SKILLSOURCE®.

“The best leaders are coaching leaders who not only learn how to lead well, but also raise up a next generation of leaders.”