The guidance of strong leaders brings out the best in those they lead. An extraordinary leader is a Coaching Leader™ who unleashes the potential of people to fulfill the potential of an organization.

Strong leadership starts with a vision for others to follow, but it continues with the hard realities necessary for enduring excellence – teamwork, execution and succession.

Developing strong leaders is a process. SKILLSOURCE® starts by guiding client leaders through an assessment of current skills, which is a baseline for capability.We call this Evaluation.

Next, we establish development goals and achievement plans tailored to the uniqueness of each leader. We call this Preparation.

After that, we provide coaching and training targeted to skill development needs, and ensuring accountability for follow through. We call this Implementation.

Finally we compare leadership progress to baseline results, formalizing the growth in skills. We call this Confirmation, the fourth step in delivering EPIC™ outcomes in extraordinary leadership:


  • Evaluation: Determine Specific Client Needs
  • Preparation: Produce Customized Growth Plans
  • Implementation: Deliver Promised Assistance
  • Confirmation: Validate Sustainable Improvement


Those completing leadership development with SKILLSOURCE® receive a Coaching Leader designation. This is a commendation that we celebrate through an annual awards ceremony publicized in the media.

Contact us for more information about becoming a Coaching Leader.