Exceptional results are rooted in exceptional culture. Across all types of organizations, the Perfect 10 Solution™ in corporate culture provides strengthened and sustainable bottom line results.


Our approach to culture development is the same one that produced a global revolution in the highly competitive world of Olympic Gymnastics. By focusing on a few, core, human truths, Perfect 10 founder Lynne Ruhl transformed an industry and produced Olympic Gold Medalists.

Developing healthy culture is a process. SKILLSOURCE® starts by guiding our clients through a cultural audit, which is a baseline for organizational health. We call this Evaluation.

Next, we prepare an audit report with a specific set of recommended actions, all of which target cultural improvement. We call this Preparation.

After that, we provide a customized mix of consulting, training and coaching that lifts cultural health to benchmark standards across 13 key factors. We call this Implementation.

Finally once results match standards, we designate these organizations as Perfect 10 Certified Corporate Cultures™. We call this Confirmation, the fourth step in delivering EPIC™ outcomes in cultural health:


  • Evaluation: Determine Specific Client Needs
  • Preparation: Produce Customized Growth Plans
  • Implementation: Deliver Promised Assistance
  • Confirmation: Validate Sustainable Improvement




The Perfect 10 Certified Corporate Culture designation is a commendation that we celebrate through an annual awards ceremony publicized in the media.

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