Peak Performers are empowered by a purpose that defines and delivers excellence. When an organization articulates a clear and compelling purpose, it effectively aligns all people involved. When an organization fulfills its purpose to promised standards, it successfully earns their respect and loyalty. Defining and delivering a Purpose Powered® organization is a process. purpose

SKILLSOURCE® starts by bringing our clients through a strategic assessment that identifies an ideal positioning in a crowded, competitive marketplace. We call this Evaluation.

Next, we spell out the purpose and plan that will best advance the organization. At this stage, our clients develop concise purpose statements and actionable growth plans. We call this Preparation.

After that, we work with our clients to follow through on all aspects of the growth plan, offering support services in everything from marketing to sales to finance to operations. We call this Implementation.

Finally, we assess results to ensure objectives are achieved and expectations are met. We call this Confirmation, the fourth step in delivering EPIC™outcomes with each Purpose Powered® project:

  • Evaluation: Determine Specific Client Needs
  • Preparation: Produce Customized Growth Plans
  • Implementation: Deliver Promised Assistance
  • Confirmation: Validate Sustainable Improvement




Clients completing a Purpose Powered® project receive a Purpose Powered® designation. This is a commendation that we celebrate through an annual awards ceremony publicized in the media.

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